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Consignment Policies

PLEASE NOTE: OUR CONSIGNMENT POLICIES HAVE SIMPLIFIED. We welcome consignments of 40 pipes or more (based on an average sale price of $100 per pipe) or smaller consignments of 20 to 40 pipes (based on an average sale price of $200 per pipe.) Depending on the pipes, we may consider smaller collections; for example, I'll take single pipe consignments of ultra-high-grades like Knudsens and Bangs, or small collections of pristine Dunhills.

01. Different value pipes have different consignment rates. To put it simply, the more valuable the pipe, the better the rate for you; if you have Chonowitches, Bangs and Nordhs, the consignment rate is significantly better than if you have Petersons, Stanwells and Savinellis. The consignment rate ranges from 30% to 65%; generally speaking, a pipe like a Jess Chonowitch is going to have a 30% consignment rate (meaning you'll get 70% of the sale price after restoration costs). A pipe like a Dunhill is going to have a 40% to 45% consignment rate. A pipe like a Cavicchi is going to have a 50% consignment rate, while something like a Stanwell would have a 65% consignment rate. If you send me a group of Dunhills, S. Bangs and Eltangs, your final consignment rate is going to average out around 30% to 40%.

02. Restoration and sanatizing is taken out of the consignment payment and is $15 to $20 per pipe and applies to every smoked pipe we receive, regardless of how well it has been cared for. Unsmoked pipes that require some work (such as removing stem oxidation) will also be charged a restoration fee, although the vast majority of unsmoked pipes won't have a restoration charge.  We must do this to ensure that all the pipes we sell are at the same quality level.

03. We will work with you to set realistic prices for the items you wish to sell. It is in our best interest to make sure you get the most money possible for your pipes; we will never undersell your items for a quick sale.

04. If an item does not sell on our website after a period of three months, we have the right to return the item(s) to the owner if we cannot come to agreement about lowering the price.

05. We reserve the right to refuse to sell any particular item for any reason.

06. Payments are made to the consignor on the 15th of each month, for the previous month's sales. For example, all items sold and shipped in January are paid on February 15. This is to make ensure our customer's satisfaction with their purchase and to account for any returns.


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